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Communications Agency

The Communications Agency exists to define, control and disseminate Public Service Commission messages. Its mandate is to articulate the vision, mission, values and goals of the Public Service Commission through multi-channels, platforms and activities. While it focuses on putting the right messages across on behalf of the Commission, it encourages and monitors audience participation and collaboration externally and internally.


  • Writing, editing, developing, and overseeing the production of publications including annual reports, newsletters; and IEC materials
  • Coordinating exhibitions
  • Providing necessary support in editing and layout of PSC reports
  • Monitoring the PSC feedback e-mail and coordinate responses to queries
  • Assisting with the shaping of public messages and branding of the Commission
  • Writing and distributing press releases and press statements
  • Researching and identifying story opportunities and working with appropriate internal sources to develop information for sharing
  • Receiving media inquiries and managing day-to-day media relations
  • Developing and updating media material, both print and electronic; and
  • Writing brochures for distribution to the public

Media relations

Media relations work includes writing and distributing news releases and responding to media inquiries. The Agency oversees all planning for news conferences, including selecting the site for an event, arranging for banners and other graphics to be displayed at the event and preparing information packs to distribute to the media. Secondly, the Agency monitors newspapers, television news broadcasts and other outlets to see what the media is saying about the Commission and to devise strategies to address misinformation.


Under this responsibility, the Agency embarks on activities to create a strong, positive perception of the Public Service Commission and its services in people’s minds by combining such elements as the logo, design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications.