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Corporate Strategy & Salaries Administration Agency

Mr M. Mhike

General Manager Corporate Strategy & Salaries Administration


  • Carrying out organisation and method study and recommending the appropriate manning levels or establishments of all the Line
    Ministries/Government Departments and ensuring that the changes are concurred to by Treasury. (These changes are done through
    creation, abolition, conversion, upgrading, re-grading, freezing and unfreezing of posts)
  • Designing, reviewing, updating and maintaining all Line Ministries/Government Departments approved organisational structures/organograms.
  • Maintaining and updating of approved Detailed Establishment Tables (DETs) for Line Ministries and Government Departments.
  • Carrying out job analysis and job evaluation.
  • Developing, reviewing, updating and maintaining a database of job descriptions for all approved posts in Line Ministries/Government Departments.
  • Reviewing operational procedures and systems and identifying potential solutions to service delivery challenges besetting the Public Service.
  • Production of salary key scales for the Public Service in consultation with Treasury and other stakeholders.
  • Developing career specific progression procedures for all professions in Line Ministries/Government Departments.
  • Monitoring and producing a wage bill report on a monthly basis for the Public Service.