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Discipline Agency

Mr W Mpandawana

General Manager Discipline


The Discipline Agency is mandated to cover the following areas, among others:

  • Analyse and submit for the Commission’s consideration requests for review by aggrieved members service wide.
  • Provide liaison and advisory services to all Ministries and Departments, other agencies and members of the
    Public Service on issues relating to discipline.
  • Assist other Agencies and Ministries with the correct interpretation of the disciplinary procedures.
  •  Analyse and submit for the Commission’s consideration reported cases of alleged misconduct or improper conduct by
    Senior Grade members in the service .
  • Analyse and submit for the Commission’s consideration alleged misconduct involving junior and middle grade members,
    where the Commission has declared itself the Disciplinary Authority.
  • Identify and recommend members for appointment to the Disciplinary Committees, Boards of Inquiry and to investigate
    cases on behalf of the Commission.
  • Present papers and conduct training at workshops to capacitate Disciplinary Authorities and their personnel on discipline
    related matters.
  • Draft circulars and general letters on matters relating to discipline/ misconduct cases as directed by the Commission.
  • Recommend amendments or review of disciplinary procedures to the Public Service Commission.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Commission’s decisions by Ministries and Departments.
  • Prepare and circulate monthly and annual reports highlighting activities carried out.
  • Analyse monthly misconduct returns from Ministries and Departments.