Salary Services Bureau

Salary Services Bureau



First class provider of Payroll Services to the Government of Zimbabwe.


Provision of accurate and timely payroll services to the Government of Zimbabwe for the sustenance of quality service delivery.


The Paymaster heads the Agency underpinned by two Deputies, one responsible for Operations and the other for Services.The two Deputies are responsible for 21 Payroll Administrators who run different sections. Directly under the Payroll Administrators are Payroll Assistants and support staff.

Key functions

· Processing of salaries and allowances for all personnel employed in Government Ministries, Members of Parliament, the Judiciary, Uniformed Forces (excluding Zimbabwe National Army), Constitutional Appointees and Boards/Commissions.

· Transfer of net salaries into individual bank accounts.

· Processing advancements/promotions, re-gradings, transfers and terminations. Processing statutory deductions (PAYE, pension contributions, Aids levy, NSSA, Court orders) and voluntary deductions such as insurance premiums, housing loans, medical aid contributions and staff association subscriptions.

· Processing and maintaining personnel records such as leave and method of pay.

· Processing and dispatching Pension Forms to the Pensions Office.

· Printing and distributing pay sheets and payslips to Government Ministries/Departments.

· Reconciling, printing and distributing wage bills data to Treasury and all Accounting Officers each month.

· Producing and dispatching income Tax Certificates upon request.

· Providing statistical information to stakeholders upon request.

· Remitting income tax to ZIMRA



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