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Human Resources Perfomance Audit Agency

The Agency is split into two distinct units, Human Resources Operations and Performance Audit and Inspectorate. The agency is comprised of Four(4) inspectors each managing his or her region. The four Inspectors are at the same level and they report to the Managing Director Human Resources Permomance Audit(Mr C. Matorera).

Mr S.L Murwisi

Human Resources Inspector General Region 1

Mr J.T. Jaji

Human Resources Inspector General Region 2

Mr L. R Dube

Human Resources Inspector General Region 3


  • Monitoring Service Delivery in line Ministries;
  • Monitoring and management of Decentralized Human Resource functions;
  • Performance Management.
  • Monitoring the implementation of Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM) through
    the Ministry`s Integrated Performance Agreements (MIPA) and Departmental Integrated Performance
    Agreements (DIPA),Individual work plans and performance of line Ministries/Departments;
  • Monitoring and Auditing utilization of government assets and resources:
  • Conducting systems audit on operations of Government Ministries.
  • Civil Service Image Building.