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Pensions Administration


The State Service Pension Scheme was established by Government to provide for the payment of pensions, gratuities and other benefits to or in respect of those employed by the State on retirement, discharge, resignation, death or other means of termination of service.
          ■ The Scheme comprises of the following sub-schemes
          ■ Presidential Pension and Retirement Benefits Scheme
          ■ Judges Pension Benefits Scheme
          ■ Parliamentary Pension Scheme
          ■ State Service (Uniformed Forces) Pension Scheme
          ■ Civil Service (Pension) Schemes
          ■ Officers of Parliament (Pension) Scheme


For a payment to be effected, clients are required to submit certain documents/ infromation relating to the type of payment to be made as detailed below:


If a client is due for a refund of pension contributions or both a refund of pension contributions and gratuity, he or she is required to complete a PD3 form. The information to be provided on PD3 form includes the client's banking details that will be used to effect payment. The form is obtained from Human Resources Departments of respective Ministries.

Other Requirements

          ■ Ministerial termination letter
          ■ Certified copies of National Identity Card and account number.
          ■ These must be submitted through the Human Resources department of respective Ministries
N.B    All payments are now paid through the banks only. if the client does not have a bank account, he/she should open one to enable payments to be made


Where a pension is payable, clients are required to urgently complete PD1 forms through their ministries before date of retirement. The form is obtainable from Human Resources Departments of respective ministries

Other Requirements

          ■ Certified copies of Passbook (bank) or original bank statement.
          ■ Certified copies of National Identity Card.
          ■ Ministerial termination letter.
If there are any problems in completing the forms, clients are adivised to seek assistance from Human Resources Departments in Ministries.

Death Benefit

The benefits are payable to the dependants of the deceased and the following documents should be submitted for payment to be effected:
In respect of surviving Spouse, where widow/widower and children's pensions are to be paid the following documents are required:
Certifies copies of:

          ■ Death Certificate of the deceased.
          ■Marriage Certificate or Original copy of confirmation of customary union or marriage.
          ■ Children's long Birth Certificates.
In the case of death of a serving member, widow's application forms PD2 available from Human Resourses Departments of respective Ministries. In the case of death of a pensioner, forms can be obtained from Pension Offices.
N.B    The forms should be completed and signed before a Commissioner of Oaths.

Pension Service Important Documents