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Salary Services Bureau Agency



The Salary Service Bureau is the Public Service pay point, through which employees in the Public Service get their remuneration.


  • Processing of salaries and allowances for all personnel employed in Government Ministries, Members of Parliament, the Judiciary,
    Uniformed Forces (excluding Zimbabwe National Army), Constitutional Appointees and Boards/Commissions.
  • Transfer of net salaries into individual bank accounts.
  • Processing advancements/promotions, re-gradings, transfers and terminations.
  • Processing statutory deductions (PAYE, pension contributions, Aids levy, NSSA, Court orders)
  • Processing of voluntary deductions such as insurance premiums, housing loans, medical aid contributions and staff association
  • Processing and maintaining personnel records such as leave and method of pay.
  • Processing and dispatching Pension Forms to the Pensions Office.
  • Printing and distributing pay sheets and payslips to Government Ministries/Departments.
  • Reconciling, printing and distributing wage bill data to Treasury and all Accounting Officers every month.
  • Producing and dispatching income Tax Certificates upon request.
  • Providing statistical information to stakeholders upon request.
  • Remitting income tax to ZIMRA