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Thuli Training Centre

Thuli Institute is one of the thirteen Institutes of the Public Service Commission. The Institute is situated in Matabeleland South, Guyu, about 60kms from Gwanda town along Thuli-Manama road. The Institute offers Human Resources developmental and management courses, all aimed at enhancing the skills, knowledge and attitudes of personnel at various levels of government in particular.


To be the Institute of preference in human resource training and development in Matabeleland South Province and beyond.


To consistently coordinate and provide client focused training to Government departments, communities and Non-Governmental Organizations that is consistent with national development Key Result Areas.


Our mission and vision will be achieved through the following strategies:

          ■ Client needs based training
          ■ Updating courses regularly
          ■ Efficient & Effective Service Delivery
          ■ Adaptability to client requests

Our Methodology:

Much of the training is job related. Facilitators make use of participatory methods in all training activities. Further, training is also competence based & results oriented.

Target Population:

The target population encompasses government employees, development agents and the general public in need of our courses and services. Our training is further extended to any organization which has thrust towards meeting national development goals and objectives upon request.

Training Facilities:

The Institute has the following facilities
          ■ Projectors & Screens
          ■ Internet / Wi-Fi
          ■ Dstv sets
          ■ T.V and V.C.R
          ■ Flipchart Stands
          ■ Audio Visual Equipment.
          ■ Conference Rooms (air conditioned)
          ■ Catering Facilities
          ■ Hostel Accommodation
          ■ Guest House
          ■ Library Services

Courses on Offer:

          ■ Induction into the civil service
          ■ Integrated Results Based Management
          ■ Public Relations and Customer Care
          ■ Public Service Regulations
          ■ Office Procedures 1 & 2
          ■ Personnel Procedures 1 & 2
          ■ Management Development 1 & 11
          ■ Project Planning and Management
          ■ Training for Retirement
          ■ Training of Trainers
          ■ Computer Appreciation
          ■ Entrepreneurship Skills Development
          ■ Community Development

Consultancy Services:

The Institute provides research based training as an intervention strategy to meet the needs and expectations of client organization after an in depth understanding of prevailing conditions and environment of the organization.


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