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Uniformed Forces Service Agency

Mr D. Zisengwe

General Manager Uniformed Forces


  • Processing and making recommendations to the three Commissions on requests and policy issues affecting members of the Uniformed Forces.
  • Rationalisation and administration of Salary Structures for all ranks of the Uniformed Forces, ZDF (ZNA and AFZ), ZRP and ZPCS.
  • Periodic preparation of Salary Assimilation Tables for the fifty two (53) ranks of the Uniformed Forces for easy implementation by the Pay Points,
    (SSB and ZAPAR).
  • Reviewing of regulated Uniformed Forces and General Service Allowance for the Uniformed Forces i.e. Military Salary Concept Allowances, ZRP
    and ZPCS Regulated Allowances.
  • Adopting and adapting generally applicable Public Service Allowances to make conditions of service more attractive for the Uniformed Forces i.e. Subsistence, Housing, Transport, Disturbance, Acting, Representation, Call Out/On Call, Standby, Field duty.
  • Investigating and processing grievances for members of the Uniformed Forces for consideration and approval by the three Commissions.
  • Reviewing establishments of the Uniformed Forces and carrying out periodic staff audits in ZRP and ZPCS to ascertain the Forces/Public ratio so as to
    recommend on improvements to existing conditions of service.
  • Updating and drafting of amendments to regulations affecting the Uniformed Forces.
  • Manage calendar of events for the three (3) Commissions meetings where critical issues affecting the Uniformed Forces are deliberated and approved
    for implementation.
  • Communicating the three (3) Commissions’ decisions to the Forces and following up on implementation and of administrative decisions.
  • Providing statistical information to stakeholders upon request.
  • Facilitating the re-appointment of ex-Uniformed Forces members into the Public Service.