Civil Service Commission Secretariat


The Civil Service Commission discharges its duties and responsibilities through a number of

Agencies whose achievements during the year under review are dealt with hereunder.

These Agencies constitute the Secretariat that is headed by a Secretary appointed in terms of

Section 10 (1) of the Public Service Act (Chapter 16:04).

The Agencies are:

1. Personnel;

2. Corporate Strategy and Salaries Administration Agency;

3. Conditions of Service Agency;

4. Human Resources Agency;

5. Salary Services Bureau;

6. Performance Audit and Inspectorate Agency;

7. Discipline Agency;

8. Uniformed Forces Service Commissions Agency;

9. Pensions Agency;

10. Corporate Services/Corporate Affairs Agency;

11. Legal Services Agency;

12. Human Resources Management Information Systems Agency;

13. Finance and Administration.


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