The Public Service Commission pays the following Non-contributory Pension Schemes on Agent basis:

  • State Service Disability Pension Scheme
  • War Victims Pension Scheme
  • War Veterans Pensions Scheme
  • Ex-Political Prisoners, Restrictees and Detainees Pension Scheme
  • National Heroes Pension Scheme

The State Service Disability Pension Act 16:06 and the Heroes 10:16 is administered by the Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare.

The War Victims Compensation Act 11:16, War Veterans 11:15 and the Ex-Political Prisoners, Restrictees and Detainees Act 17:10 are administered by the Ministry of Defence and War Veterans Affairs.

Death Benefits

In the event of death, the benefits are payable to the spouse and/ or children. The applicants are required to complete a PD2 form obtained from the Public Service Commission Offices.
The following documents should be submitted for payment to be effected:

In respect of surviving spouse and children’s pension
Original confirmation of bank details bearing name and account number stamped by the Bank

Certified copies of:

  • National Identity Card or Valid Passport
  • Death certificate of the deceased
  • Marriage certificate or original copy of confirmation of customary union.
  • Children’s long birth certificates;

Affidavits from the spouse (s) and witnesses confirming the number of surviving spouse( s) and that they are the only spouse(s) left behind by the deceased.

NB. The forms should be completed and signed before a Commissioner of Oaths.

Guardians Where Both Parents are Deceased:

The children’s pension is paid through a guardian. The guardian should obtain a Certificate of Guardianship or Letter of Guardianship issued on a prescribed form authenticated by any one of the following:

  • Justice of Peace
  • Minister of Religion
  • Headmaster
  • Chief
  • Social Welfare officer or Pensions Officer (Provided a home visit is made with at least two witnesses to the declaration).