What is an arrear pension contribution? 

It is a scheme that permits a member to purchase previous government contributory service or non contributory service in order to make it pensionable service.  This period will be added to the current service for the purpose of calculating pension benefits on termination of service.

Who is eligible to pay arrears?

All Government members who are pension contributors.

Which period can be purchased 

  1. Non contributory service followed by contributory.
  2. Previous broken service
  3. All Government employees who absconded from duty during 2007 to 2009 period are deemed to have resigned on date of abscondment. Such employees are required to buy back the previous service if they want such service to be considered as pensionable. The Pensions Department will advise the amount payable as arrears.For those employees who are yet to be paid their refund for the period prior to abscondment they can use the refund to offset part of the assessed arrears
  1. Leave without pay.
  2. Study leave

How do you elect?

  • Submit your application to buy back previous service through your Head of Department
  • Human Resources Department should write an accompanying letter confirming that the member is employed on pensionable conditions of service.
  • Make a follow up after two months through your Head of Department
  • The Pensions Department will make arrangements with employee on how much to be deducted by SSB from employee‘s salary on a monthly basis towards paying of the arrears, if they are unable to pay the full amount in cash.

Pension Arrear Pension Contribution Or Buying Back Of Service