Human Resources Coordination

The Human Resources Coordination Agency is the central Agency of the Civil Service Commission whose major function is to ensure that the Civil Service is staffed by a highly motivated, efficient and competent workforce to effectively implement the Vision 2030.

Recruitment and Appointment


  • The selection and appointment of qualified and competent personnel to entry levels in the Public Service.
  • The provision of guidance to line Ministries and other stakeholders on the recruitment and appointment procedures.
  • Registration of candidates who are interested in joining the Civil Service. Click Here to Register.
  • Filling of vacant posts through transfers and regradings of members within the Public Service, reappointment of members with critical skills and appointment of former uniformed members. Click Here to View Vacancies Available.

Profiling and Assessments


This entails the development of precise duty and task statements for jobs in the civil service as well as providing general knowledge, skills and attitudes required to do the jobs. The job profiles find use in the following areas:

  • Development of Job Descriptions, Person Specifications, 
  • Job modifications/ redesigning. 
  • Identification of trends and future patterns in the respective professions 
  • Career Development Planning

Placements and Promotions


The unit is responsible for:

  • The placement (transfer) promotion of qualified and competent personnel to senior levels
  • Posting of members in the Public Service.
  • Providing guidance to line Ministries and other stakeholders on the placement and promotion procedures. Members who are interested in promotional post in the Civil Service are required to apply to internal vacancy announcement or advertisement in national newspapers for one to be considered for senior position.
  • Reappointment of former senior members with critical skills.

Occupational Competences


  • Adapt and design assessment technologies and instruments for the purpose of selection, development, career and vocational assessment, among others.
  • Administer psychometric measurement tools for internal and external clients.
  • Provide feedback on the performance of candidates.
  • Conduct job competence analysis for the development of psychological assessment interventions.
  • Design, conduct and evaluate psychological research and implement findings to help solve human and organizational problems in the workplace.
  • Design and implement organizational culture and climate interventions.

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