The Public Service Commission will be offering Civil Service Training Loans at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) this year. The ZITF is running from 25 to 29 April.

Application forms for the training loans will be accepted at the show and a total of 20 qualifying civil servants will subsequently get their loans after a committee remotely sits to preside over the applications. This is the first time that these training loans are on promotional offer at the ZITF.

The Civil Service Training Loans are from a revolving fund which is mainly sustained by monies appropriated by the legislature and interest of loans. The  Civil Service Training Loans are for the purchase of textbooks, tuition and equipment necessary for attendance at a college or institute. They are given at a nominal interest rate to members of the civil service and officers of Parliament. To qualify, members of the Civil Service should meet the following criteria: a) should be on indefinite conditions of service, b) those pursuing part time studies, should have served for a minimum of two years, c) members on block of full-time programmes should have served for at least five years, d) should not have a pending misconduct case; and e) should be below 55 years of age.

Like previous years, the Public Service Commission will also be taking instant applications for the Government Employees Mutual Savings (GEMS) Fund at the ZITF.  Applications are filled out and accepted on the spot, processing of the same will be done in the same ZITF week for recipient civil servants.

Applications for rebates for duty free importation of vehicles will also be accepted on the spot and qualifying civil servants would go through the process to receive this benefit in due course thereafter.

These are all part of non-monetary benefits extended to civil servants in order to improve their conditions of service.

At the PSC stand at the ZITF other onsite services offered include on matters to do with Pensions and Payroll. There will also be online registrations as part of the PSC’s e-recruitment system where those wishing to work for Government can register to be included in the database for consideration as and when vacancies come up.

The PSC is in Exhibition Hall 4, Stand A38.

The PSC has been an annual exhibitor at the ZITF since 2005.